Order Modifications

    • How do I make changes to my order?

      Please contact Customer Support here as soon as possible to cancel or make changes to your order. Orders are processed and typically shipped within 1-2 business days, so it’s best to contact us as soon as possible so that we can amend your order before it is finalized and shipped.

      Please provide us with the following information, in your request:

      1. Your order number

      2. The email used to make the purchase

      3. Details of your request - i.e., cancellation or modification of the order.

      We will do our best to address your request in time, but please also note that we may be unable to make changes to your order if it has already been finalized at our Warehouse.

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    • Lumo Run- Change to sensor only
      1. Pull up order
      2. Make sure the order can still be edited. The order can only be edited if the current status is in "Pre-ordered" or "Processing". If current status is in "Processing", it should not say "Order acknowledged by DCL" under order notes. If it does say this, it the order cannot be processed. 

      3. If the order is still in a state where it can be processed, place order status "On Hold" and press save order.

      4. Once order is saved as "On Hold", the order items will be editable. To change to a sensor only, delete all Garment Bundle items by selecting "Delete Selected Line Items". 

        Do not delete the shipping line. After garment items are deleted, save order.

      5. After garment line items are deleted, select "Add line items">"Add product" and enter "Run Sensor". Select "Lumo Run Sensor with Clip".

      6. Refund order difference. Enter type of order modification in the Reason for Refund box. Place order back to pre-ordered or processing. Save order.


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