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Wearing Lumo Run

    • How to wear my Lumo Run

      The Lumo Run sensor can be worn in the provided clip or in the Lumo garments (capris or shorts). Below are instructions on how to wear both options. It is important to secure your waistband (wear tighter shorts or sync your waistband) as much as possible so the sensor is snug against your body. The sensor is also meant to be worn on your pelvis so it can accurately measure your pelvic movement (i.e. pelvic drop and rotation). Use the below diagram to help you place the sensor in the correct position.

      Lumo Run Sensor and Clip

      1. Insert the sensor into the clip.
      2. Place the clip on the waistband of your garment in line with your spine.
      3. Make sure your waistband is tight.

      Lumo Run Sensor and Garment

      1. Make sure your waistband is tight.
      2. Insert the sensor into the Lumo garment.  There’s a pocket inside the zippered pouch on the back of the waistband that is designed to hold the Lumo Run sensor.
      3. Adjust your waistband to sit on your hips.

      The Lumo Run shorts has technology built-in technology to help transmit information from the button to the Sensor. When the On-demand button is pressed, the sensor provides real-time information (pace, distance, time, run goal) to you via the audio experience.

      When wearing the Lumo Run Shorts or Capris you have access to the Button on the front of the garment. When you press the button, the audio coach will give you your pace, distance, time and/or your Run Goal. You can customize this experience in settings under "On-Demand". In order for this button to work, you must have a Lumo Run sensor secure in the Lumo pocket on the back of the shorts. Please see below on how to access the "On-Demand" feature from "Settings" on your App.

      IMG_2252.PNG .       IMG_2251.PNG


      Hydration Packs and Belts

      You can wear the Lumo Run sensor with a hydration backpack or a belt as long as the Lumo Run sensor is secured under your running belt or hydration pack in the center of your waistband or securely in the pocket of your Lumo Run garment.

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    • Can I put the Lumo Run sensor in my pocket?

      Running with a Lumo Run sensor in your pocket will give you data but this data will not be correct measurements of the Lumo Run form metrics. The Lumo Run sensor needs to sit securely on your waistband on your hips in the provided Lumo Run clip such that it does not not move while you are in motion. (see “How to wear Lumo Run”)


      Even the small amount of movement that can occur in a snug back pocket will compromise your data as it's not built to hold an item with the exact dimensions of the Lumo Run sensor.


      The only garments you can use without the Lumo Run clip while preserving accuracy are Lumo garments. Lumo Run capris and shorts have specially designed back pockets that are configured to hold the Lumo Run sensor securely against your body, preserving data accuracy.

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    • I own a Lumo Run connected garment. How does it work?

      Lumo Run garments have a pocket in the back of the waistband for the sensor. Place your sensor in the pocket and head out for your run. Having the sensor in this pockets gives you the ability  to receive On-Demand audio feedback on running metrics and pace at the push of a button.


      To use this feature:

      1. Locate button on the front of your Lumo Run Garment.

      2.When pressed while you are running, you will receive an On-Demand audio update regarding performance on your Run Goal metric, your pace, distance and time.

      Note: You can customize this feedback both before you begin your run and mid-run. (See “How do I change the amount of audio feedback I'm receiving from Lumo Run?”)

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    • Is my Lumo Run Waterproof?

      The Lumo Run sensor is water-resistant .

      The Lumo Run shorts are machine-washable and hang-drying is highly recommended.


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