Lumo Run Metrics

    • What does Lumo Run measure?

      The Lumo Run sensor measures your Cadence (your steps per minute), your Bounce (your up and down movement), your Braking (change in forward velocity), your Pelvic Drop (your side-to-side movement of your pelvis) and your Pelvic Rotation (your twisting movement of your pelvis). For more information on what these metrics are, why they are important to your running and what the target zones are for these metrics, visit the Lumo Run Science page.


      If you run with your phone, Lumo Run will also track your pace, distance and route through the GPS data from your phone.


      Lumo Run sensor metrics:




      Pelvic Drop

      Pelvic Rotation

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    • How do I improve these Lumo Run metrics?

      To improve your metrics you may need to strengthen or stretch some of the muscles involved in performing the desired form. This is why Lumo Run gives you exercises at the end of your runs.

      You also may need to teach your brain to use these muscles while you are running. This is why Lumo Run gives you in-run audio cues. Changing your form takes time as you need to strengthen muscles and/or retrain your body to move in a new way.

      Listen to your body and build up slowly so you give your body time to adjust to the new demands.

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