What’s new with the latest update?


New features of the IOS app 2.1 and Android app 2.0.1

  • Minute-by-minute feedback on your posture

Your new dashboard shows you your posture progress in minutes.

  • Daily Timeline

See which times of day you do best and which times of day your posture needs more attention

  •  History Tab  

Get insights into your posture and activity progress over the course of the week.

  • Find your way around easier

A simpler app interface to easily navigate around the app to get the insights you want faster.


Lumo Lift firmware (Base: 102424 Plugin: 102618)

  • Single-press to set your Target Posture

Single-press your Lumo Lift to easily set your target posture.

  • Auto-resume posture feedback

When you set your Target Posture, your posture feedback vibrations will automatically turn back on if you had turned it off.

  • Turn on/off Posture Feedback only through the Lumo Lift App*  

Turning on/off posture feedback vibrations is defaulted to be controlled only through the Lumo Lift App under "Posture Feedback".


How do I know if my Lumo Lift's firmware is up to date?

1. Open the app
2. Confirm that the sensor is connected
3. Review the App Settings, click on the Sensor Image to see the following information under the Lumo Lift Sensor
Base Firmware: 102424
Plugin Firmware: 102618
If the firmware isn't as noted above, close the Lumo Lift app, then open the app, wait for the sensor to connect, and wait 5-10 minutes.
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