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How would Lumo Run track my run if I use a run-walk method?

Lumo Run is designed to evaluate your running form. Your walking form is very different from your running form and requires its own specific algorithms and target goals. The ability to evaluate walking form has not yet been included in your Lumo Run. However, you can still use a walk/run program with Lumo Run. See below for specific information on how to accomplish this. 
There are slight differences to how the sensor accounts for walking depending on if you run with your phone or without your phone. 
Running Without your Phone
When you run without your phone, Lumo Run calculates 5 minute splits instead of 1 mile/km splits as it does not have direct access to your GPS data to calculate your distance (miles/kms). 
If you are wearing your Lumo Run sensor and you start running, the Lumo Run sensor automatically starts to record your “Run”. This means you have to run first in order to trigger the sensor to begin recording your “Run". If you start walking after the sensor has begun recording, the sensor will ignore the walking period when calculating the metrics for your splits. For each metric, a 5 minute split is calculated by averaging across the steps only from when you were running. For example if you walked for 2 minutes during a 5 minute interval, only 3 minutes of running time will be included in your cadence, bounce, braking, drop and rotation metrics for that split. If you walk for an entire 5 minute split, you will see an empty set of metrics for that split. 
Please note that, if your period of walking or stopping between your running time is more than 10 minutes, the portion of your run that occurred after this period of walking will show up as a separate "Run" on your phone.
Also note that your pace/ distance can be added to this run if you connect to Strava to obtain your GPS data by a different tracker.
Running with your Phone
When you run with your phone and walk intermittently during your run, the sensor identifies when you are running and when you are walking.  The detailed mile splits for your core cadence, bounce, braking, drop and rotation metrics will only include the portion of your mile where you were running. For example if you run for 0.7 miles and then walk for 0.3 miles, only the 0.7 mile of running will be included in your core metrics for that mile. 
For distance and pace, your walking time is included. This means that your pace will be averaged across the duration of your run and your walk times and your distance includes your walking distance.

If you do not want your walking time included in your distance and pace, simply manually pause your Run in the Lumo Run App when you start walking and resume your Run when you begin to run again.  

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