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Charging Lumo Run Sensor


To Charge the Sensor, carefully remove the cap and plug in sensor as depicted below.

The sensor’s LED lights will indicate if the sensor is charged:

    • A green light indicates that your battery is fully charged.
    • An orange light indicates that your battery is not fully charged and is charging.

To check your exact battery level in the Lumo Run App

  1. Open the Lumo Run App and navigate to the Settings menu by tapping the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  2. Your battery level will be at the top of the Settings menu.
  3. You will also receive a notification on your mobile device and a message in the App if your sensor battery levels are low.

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  • Avatar
    Lisa Shinall

    my battery has been @ 5% for 12 hours. What is the problem with it?

  • Avatar
    Paul Wascher

    My Lumo Run won't charge again. It frequently hasn't charged unless its down to 0% -- now even that "trick" doesn't seem to work. I've swapped out different charging cables and none will work today. Any thoughts on how to bring it back to life?

  • Avatar
    Hung Dinh

    I have the same question as Lisa Shinall. My brand new Lumo Run has been received today and I cannot charge it. When I plug it into a power source, it always says battery 5% and nothing change

  • Avatar
    Todd Harris

    I have the exact same problem as Lisa & Hung. Brand new and won't charge past 5%. Was plugged in all night. Any help or is this just a piece of junk?