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Device Support and Integration for Lumo Run



Lumo Run is compatible with iPhones SE, 5S, 6 and above, running iOS 10.3 or later. The Lumo Run App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and is free of charge, but requires a Lumo Run sensor to function. Lumo Run is not compatible with iPhone 5C.


We currently do not support Android devices.

GPS watches and 3rd party devices and software

3rd party hardware (e.g. GPS watches) and other running applications will be supported in the future. This will allow runners to sync their GPS data with their Lumo Run data so that runners can record their pace, distance and route even when they run without their phone.

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  • Avatar
    Gary W. Mickel

    I Look forward to this being available to Android. Kind of strange to me that so many things are made for iPhone first or sometimes Only available ever to iPhone with so many people using android phones can or will that develop First ever?

  • Avatar
    B Wayne Walker

    It's really been TOO long waiting for Android support.

  • Avatar
    Alexander Casassovici

    Agreed another startup that does hardware and neglects software... Installed the app on my ios device - an ipad - and it asks me to run with it !?