My Lumo Lift is not buzzing.


The Lumo Lift should vibrate to provide you with posture feedback as long as the following requirements are met:

- The Lumo Lift is connected to your account
- You're pressing the sensor to set the Target Posture each day

If the Lumo Lift is not vibrating, please do the following:

1. In the Settings for the App, confirm that Posture Feedback is ON.  Please turn it off and then back on to reset the feature. Directions for finding posture feedback in the settings can be found here
2. Get in good posture and set the Target Posture by pressing the button on the sensor, directions are here. If the sensor does not vibrate 3 times when the button is pressed, it might not be charged. Please confirm that the sensor is charged, the LED light will be green when placed in the charging cradle. 
3.  Verify the setting for the posture feedback delay.   Is it more than 15 seconds?  If so, when you change to a smaller delay, like 3 seconds, does the sensor vibrate accordingly when the sensor is placed at an angle/slouch?
4. If not, check to ensure that the sensor has the latest firmware. Directions are here
5. If it's still not providing feedback, but the firmware is up to date, reset the sensor, then get in good posture and set the Target Posture by pressing the button on the sensor. 

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