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Lumo Lift: Setup for New Users (Android)


Congratulations on taking the first step toward improving your posture and overall wellness. To set up, please read the following:

Setup Requirements:

Compatible Android Device
Bluetooth Enabled
Internet Connection
Charged Lumo Lift Sensor (Green LED light will display when placed in the charging cradle)

Sign Up:

  1.   Download the Lumo Lift app from the Google Play Store.You must have a Google play account in order to download the Lumo Lift app.
  1. After installing the app, tap the Lumo Lift icon to open.
  2.   Tap the Sign Up icon to proceed.

Account Information:

This information is important to give you the most out of your Lumo Lift experience.

1. Enter your first and last name, your email address (case sensitive), and your password. verify you have read and agree the terms and conditions to proceed.

2. Enter your gender, birth date, height and weight.


The connecting screen is where the Lumo Lift will connect to your account.

  1.   Once prompted, press the Lumo Lift to activate.
  2.   You’ll know it’s connected when the bar at the bottom of the screen reads Connected to Your Lumo Lift when a check mark appears.

Having trouble?

  1. Ensure your Android device's location permission is enabled for the Lumo Lift app. Verify following these directions: Mobile device Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager -> Lumo Lift -> App permissions -> Location turn/toggle on.
  2. Reset your mobile device’s Bluetooth.  You can access this under Settings > Bluetooth
  3. Reset your Lumo Lift sensor, directions are here
  4. Reboot your mobile device


If the Lumo Lift does not have the most current firmware, it will automatically update to ensure that the sensor has the latest and greatest features.

Note: This can take a few minutes.

How to Wear:

The following screens provide information to help you set your target posture. When you are in your ideal posture, press the Lumo Lift firmly against your chest to calibrate. The sensor will buzz once target posture is set.

Getting Started Using Lumo Lift: How To Wear  

Posture Feedback:

  1.   Select your posture feedback delay or how long before the Lumo Lift alerts you of bad posture.
  2.   Next, test the feedback delay by slouching forward. Note: Consider setting posture feedback to a shorter duration during the test.


Congratulations! You have completed setup.  You’ll see the dashboard to know it’s complete.

Need more guidance? Watch our video here: Lumo Lift Android Setup

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  • Avatar
    Philip Jones

    I have charged the device; the LED turns green. But when I remove it from the charging cradle and attempt to step through the Android App's setup procedure, I never see the blue LED that is supposed to show when I press and release the button. Instead, I see the green LED flash and the device vibrates three times. I have resent the device, but that seemed to have no effect.

    I have also looked at Bluetooth during this operation; the Android Settings/Bluetooth says it's "attempting to pair with LL20690", and then shows "Pairing rejected by LL20690*."

    Edited by Philip Jones
  • Avatar
    Gabriel Barzola

    I have the same issue. I cannot get the blue light