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Lumo Lift: Setup for new users (iOS)


Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your posture and overall wellness.

Please Note: This article is relevant only for iOS users who are using the Lift App Versions 3.19.3 or earlier.

To set up your new Lumo Lift, please read the following: 

Setup Requirements:

Compatible iOS Device (iOS 10.0 or above)
Bluetooth Enabled 
Internet Connection
Charged Lumo Lift Sensor (Green LED light will display when sensor is placed in charging cradle).

Sign Up:

  1. Download the Lumo Lift app from the App Store. You must have a Apple ID in order to download the Lumo Lift app.
  1. After installing the app, tap the Lumo Lift icon to open.
  2. Tap the Sign Up icon to proceed.

Account Information:

This information is important to give you the most out of your Lumo Lift experience.

1.  Enter your first and last name, your email address (case sensitive), and your password. Please verify that you have read and agree the terms and conditions to proceed.

2. Enter your gender, birth date, height and weight.


The connecting screen is where the Lumo Lift will connect to your account.

  1.  Once prompted, press the Lumo Lift to activate.
  2.  You’ll know it’s connected when the bar at the bottom of the screen reads Connected to Your Lumo Lift when a check mark appears.

Having trouble?

  1. Reset Bluetooth on the iOS device.  You can access this under Settings > Bluetooth
  2. Reset your Lumo Lift sensor, directions are here
  3. Reboot iOS device


If the Lumo Lift does not have the most current firmware it will begin an automatic update to ensure that the sensor has the latest and greatest features.

Note: This may take a few minutes. If the process seems to be taking too long, reset the app and restart the login process. Keep the phone near the sensor until the firmware update is complete.

How to Wear:

The following screens provide information to help you set your target posture. When you are in your ideal posture, press the Lumo Lift firmly against your chest to calibrate. The sensor will buzz once target posture is set.

Getting Started Using Lumo Lift: How To Wear

Posture Feedback:

1.  Select your posture feedback delay or how long before the Lumo Lift alerts you of bad posture.
2.  Next, test the feedback delay by slouching forward.
Note: Consider setting posture feedback to a shorter duration during the test.


Congratulations! You have completed setup.  You’ll see the dashboard to know on-boarding is complete.

Need more guidance?  Watch our video here: Lumo Lift iOS Setup

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